Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine

Are you interested in research happening around breastfeeding? If so, check out the abstracts for the upcoming Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine conference to learn more about what’s happening in the scientific community working in this area. This year’s abstracts include a review of breastfeeding among incarcerated women and a study on how thawing method affects fat content of milk, among other fascinating topics.
I had the opportunity to attend the ABM conference in 2011 in Miami, and was impressed at the range of research, from lab science evaluating breastmilk samples to qualitative research on experiences of women of color seeking breastfeeding support. This a relatively young field with a lot of exciting work happening, from bench to bedside to community – and much still to learn.  I’m also a big fan of the Academy’s blog and Facebook page to stay up to date on their research and advocacy work. Check it out!

Post written by M and C member Sara Brandspigel, MPH

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