Coming back to work after having a baby is hard. It can be even more difficult to want to breastfeed/provide milk for your child when you aren’t spending much time with them (you are at work!). Here are some links to make the whole process easier for you:

Anschutz specific:

Join our Milk and Cookies google group

How to book a lactation room on campus 

Dependent Care Travel Grant

Come to your first meeting after returning to work and get a new mom’s care cooler!

Campus Lactation Policy (coming soon!)

Academic Lactation Support

Colorado breastfeeding laws


Staying sane/Support:

Information on formula feeding

Breastfeeding group w/ IBCLC plus other parenting/pregnancy support

Fussy baby support (FREE!!!)

Postpartum mental health/depression etc

Sleep & Parenting support

Pelvic floor PT